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The nude woman, whether she emerges from the waves of the sea, or from her bed, is Venus Edward Weston has done some beautiful photographs of the Nude that do not read as erotic to me. It would be like saying all gay men can only do things in a gay context and so on.

I'll give you Leonardo, Brunelleschi, and Alberti as being as much scientists as artists. Eve best lesbian. Tabu nude images. Once when Helmut Newton was asked what he did - he said sarcastically "I'm a pornographer". That applies just as much to later artists who up until recently were technical masters of their craft before they even considered doing anything different. Of course the Venus of Willendorf was also a fertility figure Everyone as an individual has different erotic impulses, straight or gay or bi, there are some people that attract you and others that don't even if they're in very inviting poses.

I know when I've seen erotica from other countries, even the most explicit works will have a high end of breathtaking fine art that is nonetheless exactly what it is and on the theme and topic it is. Part of my enjoyment of this thread has been the classics posted in it. And that is to me at least the way he seems to have mixed the boyish with adult physique. Again, art may have an erotic content without it being reduced to the merely pornographic One might even notice that the same aspects of the body: This is truly stretching things Virtual Pose comes to mind as one source.

Probably the top fashion photographer of the 20th century. Tits black pics. I don't know which version of art history you got this notion from. Plus it's kind of annoying when you think you are being clever, and your mother can still throw ones like that at me. But then, I'm a single man. Now if I paint any fruit still lifes, that's behind it -- that memory, that time in my life, that feeling about the subject of how wonderful it is. Then again he was deliberately creating images to sell.

I physically could not get to a food bank without a car, I couldn't go out because I lived five levels up from the street and have severe mobility limits. And in general love was not seen as a good thing. So by asexual I don't mean anything to do with affairs etc. It got that ugly back then. At the time art and science were not seen as seperate issues. But at the same time I can remember going to the beach as a boy and nobody even seemed to think twice about seeing kids getting changed or paddling naked.

The desire to grasp and be united with another human body is so fundamental a part of our human nature, that our judgment of what is known as "pure form" is invariably influenced by it; and one of the difficulties of the nude as a subject matter is that these instincts cannot be hidden I'm enjoying the esoteric discussion.

I wasn't satisfied with my previous nudes enough to do a serious one and hang it in my room. So I seriously doubt that every painter or viewer of nude men had homoerotic thoughts and god forbid all the ones that painted nude children with little wings had other intentions.

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These often adorned fine ceramics, took the form of sculpture in gardens, or paintings in intimate spaces. If it wasn't for the female breast I don't think I'd have been an artist! And incidentally where modern medical doctors have learnt the idea of "being detached" from the subject.

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So we have to be careful in adding our own contemporary values to things. Nude women sex slaves. There are some truly horrific images of hell and torture in which the erotic seems far from the artist's mind. I have some ideas and I might start by copying some favorite masters.

They take cutting up because they're hard and I have some problems with chewing too due to dental problems and general weakness. For her it was shoes, changing shoes four times a day but not wearing clothes. While the sexual features are clearly exagerated, I think it would take an awful lot of twisted imagination to turn it into some sort of marital aid or something the lads joked about on their way back from mammoth hunting.

Of course the Venus of Willendorf was also a fertility figure In which case a walk around the Louvre would really get you going, although surfing the net would probably be an easier way to satisfy that urge. Tabu nude images. How many of these artists had wives and children? His own words though were "I strove to imitate nature as closely as I could, and with all the perspective I could produce".

This is truly stretching things And as many French would probably point out that was as much an anglo thing. Sexy hot chick Emma Heart wanted a large dick. Hot bare tits. Is the "Birth of Venus" pornographic if shot as a photograph? As to why the classical nude is dead, well I would say your sort of answering your own questions there. As a professional one is able to focus upon one's job It was not pornographic. However the argument that the nude "must" raise an erotic feeling ignores the obvious.

I can't look at strawberries now without tasting them, or a banana without feeling it on my tongue. Female nudity was quite unknown in Greek art with the exceptions of the more intimate "pornographic" works until later in their history with Praxiteles, etc Yes, the British have been desensitized enough to such that they accept it where the same would not be allowed in American or other newspapers.

They do, now that I've got young grandchildren, bring up a sort of grandpa-mushiness especially if they're about three years old -- both my granddaughter and grandson went through a cherub phase of not wearing clothes if they could help it but wearing something they liked without it.

However the explicit "porno" art and literature of the ancient Greeks should not be confused with art such as the Knidian Aphrodite and it's spinoffs. I used to think still lifes were stupid when I was a kid.

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