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Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Upcoming games for What are you looking forward to? XD But you make me blush everytime you talk about this page, hon! Jak, though, had remained a hunk even in ottsel form.

Over his shoulder, muzzle to her muzzle, Daxter flashed a lewd grin as he guided his friend deeper by the sheath. Mallika nude sex. Support Tickets User search Character search. Jak and daxter naked. Jak and Daxter go back to what's left of Sandover Village to get something Jak left there. He hardened further against her slit. No sooner had she swallowed in surprise than he surged again, the heat coating her mouth.

Site StatsUsersSubmissions 2, Comments. Vice City Dragon Ball Z: Tempo 3 years ago 0. Still Jak isn't mine but I would like to dream More Cheats and Codes.

Daxter's tender cock throbbed against the sticky pelts of his lovers. Kiyomi takada naked. You do own the bar and have to show yourself at all the major events in the city. Jak studied the glass through bleary vision and dawnlight. Minutes passed, marked only by their rushed breathing. This is a humorous Jak II fic set after the game in which Daxter…well I can't tell you or it would ruin the story.

He'd waited years to get some Jak tail; totally worth the wait. The sudden change of position made his head swim and he stumbled forward into Jak. Their salty-sweet juices mingled on her tongue in a rich dance of male flavor. She resolved to check more in the future. Daxter placed a paw on Jak's shoulder.

Daxter could sympathize with him; for a change he felt strangely out of words too. He hugged her close to his body and sighed contentedly "Thank you baby". Sign Up for free.

The female ottsel opened her mouth to reply. This was a pretty important and consequential scene, especially since those two have been trying to bed Jak for what seems like WEEKS. Reina big tit slut does anything. It's been a bit of a journey, but I'm glad to see Jak settling in and accepting his newfound cuteness.

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Jak just snorted in reply.

Daxter's arm shook behind him, bumping his hot tip into Jak's fur. Angela merkel nude pictures. I still smell like Ottsel. Then, almost by accident, she licked around to Jak's. Daxter was an attentive and Your review has been posted. But yes, I would say it fit this image. Let me know what you think. He felt like an old rag doll dangling helplessly from the rope that could in a second be dropped and he would fall right back down to the ground.

I remember having to kick you out the bar that first night" he chuckled again. Guides Cheats Answers Forums. Jak and daxter naked. Ok so I was crazy on Jak's little streak but erh the first Jak 3 fic had to come in with a good entrance.

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I have reviewed DeviantArt's Terms of Service. Misty stone lesbian tubes. Now it's 's round again! You know I have to go to the psychiatrist to help me deal with the problems that we face everyday!?

Daxter sat on the window ledge in the bedroom of his apartment above the Naughty Ottsel. The artifact looked exactly like the one he picked up on Misty Island right before he was thrown in the Dark Eco pool and transformed into an Ottsel. I think that was a pretty important scene, sexual though it was. His teenage crush collapsed atop him, pressing his softening cock deep into their girlfriend's folds and coaxed out a renewed trickle of juices. Gentle strokes coaxed them harder and bounced their sacs together.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. A tender paw caressed her shoulder, brushing back her long, blonde hair. Ashelin shook her head again "They'll only tell family She lifted his paws to her breasts and showed him how to play with her pert nipples.

The first centimeter slipped inside, welcomed by hot, wet need. Keira stroked his face "I know how you like to protect me every second of every day, but I'm not as useless as you all think, I can hold my own" she said. Lesbian takes big cock. His deep blue eyes watched pleasure play out on the face of his best friend, his boyfriend.

No anatomy ref book? The fading throb of a hangover reminded him how the night started:

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TITS SARA JAY Daxter glared at the spot he heard the noise.
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Shima planet dolan nude Jak must have seen his slightly disbelieving face. Jak was getting tired of Daxter's scared routine.
Kristi leigh nude His legs suddenly went weak beneath him.

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